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Mentors in Physical Education

Cynthia Elmer,   Southeast Junior High School
Make Your Case for Quality Physical Education
Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork
Mentors in Physical Education
On a calm Spring day in April in Iowa City, members of The University of Iowa Football team who volunteer for FUTP 60, divided into teams with our South East Junior High School students to play Flag Football for the first time this year after a long, cold winter. Students interacted well and participated fully as the University of Iowa Football players threw the ball to them, caught the ball and ran down the field for a touchdown. The UI athletes were fantastic in keeping the game moving, including everyone, and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Smiles a mile wide were filling the football field. Encouraging all students to run, catch and maybe throw was a big goal, but with the added expertise, students were up for the challenge. Respect is important in athletics as well as physical education class. Our UI football volunteers demonstrated that for our young learners. They saw how you listen for the play, try your best, get physically fit, respect your body and your teammates and include all members. They saw that you make a game plan and demonstrate good sportsmanship. After class several students said it was their best day. They caught the ball that the UI Football player threw and ran for a touchdown. Basically, best day ever!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students played FlagFfootball in physical education class with The University of Iowa Football players. The UI Athletes encouraged the students to be quarter back and wide receiver. They also would change places and become the thrower for the kids. The students were so fired up to be playing football with the UI athletes. Fun was had by all. They gauged one another's ability and courage then let it rip for a very fun game of Flag Football.