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Milk Carton Relay Kicks Off a Great Year

Stephanie Fencl,   Coon Valley El
Drink Milk and Recycle
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Milk Carton Relay Kicks Off a Great Year
Our Fuel Up to Play 60 team challenged our school to participate in a milk carton relay to stress the importance of drinking dairy and recycling milk cartons. For one week, students saved their empty milk cartons from lunch, and there were a lot! We then invited the entire school to our playground to participate in a relay race to collect as many as they could and build a "milk carton tower". It was a great way to stress the importance of consuming delicious dairy as well as how recycling can be helpful to the environment by reducing the need to continue to produce new materials from our natural resources. Students had a blast! Teams also got to help recycle their towers after the competition was over. Students have been more conscientious about separating recyclables in the classroom bins, too!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

We have had a wicked year for weather, with terrible snow storms this winter causing us to miss many days with our students. The lack of routine has made for challenges with being consistent with our student leadership and having time to continue to stress our goals to the rest of the school. We are persevering and looking forward to making great strides as spring approaches!