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Milk, It's What's for Breakfast!

Julie Harrell - McGee,   Lamar Elementary School
Breakfast in the Classroom
Access to Healthy Foods

Students at our campus take part in breakfast in the classroom each day with a strong emphasis on milk being a vital part in their diets. The PE coaches encourage students each day to drink their milk both at breakfast and at lunch and each student is required to open their milk and finish at least half their milk each day. Most students, 85% or more, drink all of their milk each day both during breakfast and at lunch. Each student receives a breakfast item, fruit, juice, and milk and sit down first thing in the morning to eat prior to the school day beginning. This is especially beneficial at a school that is located in a low income area, where if not for the breakfast and lunch provided at the campus, some of the kids would not eat.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

After implementing the breakfast in the classroom, we noticed an improvement in our children's energy levels, their ability to focus in the classroom, and their grades. In the past children wouldn't make it to school on time to receive free or reduced price breakfast, so they would come in hungry and have to wait until lunch time to be able to eat. The cafeteria staff works very well with the teachers in making sure breakfast is a smooth process each morning.