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Milk Mustaches for Everyone!

NATALIE LEVREAULT,   Hampshire Reg High
Milk Mustache Booth
Student Leadership,  Teamwork
Milk Mustaches for Everyone!
A group of ninth grade students organized a Milk Mustache booth for all middle school students to participate and have their picture taken. All 300 middle schoolers were invited to participate and share their thoughts on why drinking milk is important.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students collaborated to plan every detail to make sure the Milk Mustache booth was ready to go. Students reached out to many adults to guarantee success. They reached out to the administrators to ask for permission to run the booth, the custodians to make sure tables and trash bins were available, the middle school teachers to make sure they could promote the activity in homeroom and advisory. All involved were excited to participate and support the activity.