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Missouri Governor Promotes Second Chance Breakfast

Kathy Beezley,   Rogers Middle School
Breakfast – Grab and Go!
Student Leadership, Teamwork,  Other
Missouri Governor Promotes Second Chance Breakfast

Governor of Missouri Jay Nixon visited Fuel Up to Play 60 students at Rogers Middle School to promote a second chance breakfast for all. On Friday, April 29, we had the honor of having Governor Nixon visit Rogers Middle School - Affton to announce No Kid Hungry Missouri, which will work with school districts across the state to increase access to school breakfast, after-school snacks and summer meals. Gov. Nixon took time to talk to RMS Fuel Up to Play 60 students about our Grab & Go Breakfast program, which has increased the number of students eating breakfast from 30 to over 250 each day. Each of 12 committee members had an opportunity to explain part of our program to Governor Nixon as well as other state legislators and honored guests. Students discussed our committees including activities, garden, community involvement and involvement in health and wellness of our students. 2015-16 Missouri State Ambassador Lanie also spoke during the No Kid Hungry Missouri Announcement before state legislators, officials, and the media. Learn more: Having the Governor support our program at Rogers encourages our students, staff, parents and administration to expand health and wellness efforts in our school. 

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Our grab n go breakfast numbers have increased to include almost half of our school and students are now more conscious of health and wellness at Rogers. More students ask for healthy lunches, more dairy for breakfast grab n go (smoothies) and more students now stay for after school activities. We have a successful garden and students frequently ask to help and work in the garden. In my opinion, the most important improvement is student empowerment and leadership.