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Moving and Grooving

Jennifer Champine,   Tenniswood Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation

At Tenniswood Elementary each classroom strives for 3-5 physical activity breaks per day. We have seen our students have fun while becoming a more active listener during their school day. We just had our Spring Conferences and parents have commented on hour their child is wanting to go on GoNoodle at home or try and get outside to play. Along with "moving and grooving" parents were thrilled with how their student would choose a "go" snack before their activity. Interestingly enough, parents have also enrolled their students into after school activities inside and outside of school as they have seen their child find great happiness and success in being active. Here at Tenniswood, we will continue to use physical activity breaks in the years to come as we have seen students be more successful and happy.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We began this goal with the Student Leadership Team. Our team members planned our Kickoff event with their goal was to go to each classroom and teach the students and teachers what resources were available and how to go about implementing activity breaks. Throughout the year, during Leadership Meetings, we continued to add new activity breaks for the students to take back to their classroom. Students teaching students made a huge impact on the fidelity of classroom taking activity breaks.