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Moving Middle Schoolers

Kari Rugless,   Oltman Middle School
Physical Activity Participation

This is our second time doing the Ramp up for Recess Play. The first time we had so much success with it that we wanted to do it again to be able to expand our equipment choices and replace items that have been used beyond their life. Students grades 6-8 have recess every other day. Students have the choice of two or three activities during recess. This changes weekly and depending on the weather. Students look forward to having this time to be able to get some of their energy out so that they can focus better the rest of the day in their core classes.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We accomplished this goal by communicating with administration, teachers, cooks, lunch room staff, and paras about the possibility of getting a recess program started after students are done with lunch. We had to look at schedules of all parties involved and see if it would work schedule wise and if we had to make adjustments what would those adjustments be and who would it affect. Then we had to come up with a plan to carry out recess activities.