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Moving with Friends at Recess

Octavio Velasco,   Greenman Elem School
Student Leadership
I set up three stations during recess: soccer, football, and basketball. My FUTP 60 team divided the students among the three stations and led each of the activities. The students would stay at the station for the day and then rotate throughout the week to the other stations. The FUTP 60 team ensured that all the students were able to participate fairly and no one was left out. All students were encouraged to act respectful at each station with all skill levels of those participating.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Challenges were that some students were not skilled at that station activity and were reluctant to participate. The FUTP 60 team assured these students that this is a fun learning experience for all students to be a part of. All students became more comfortable as time went on and the FUTP 60 team was helpful in getting all involved.