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National Eat School Breakfast Week!

Leah Wheeling,   Simle Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods
National Eat School Breakfast Week!
National Eat School Breakfast Week was a huge success at Simle Middle School. The team organized multiple events throughout the week to encourage and educate fellow peers about the benefits of eating school breakfast. One theme that occurred each day was students who ate school breakfast received a ticket with a fun breakfast fact on it that they wrote their name on and turned in for a prize. On Monday, our school opened a second chance Grab and Go breakfast, which allowed students to quickly grab breakfast between 1st and 2nd period classes. Tuesday, we continued with ticket prizes and the cart saw an increase of 30 more students eating breakfast. Wednesday, our local dairy company donated strawberry milk samples to the students at breakfast along with receiving a visit from Bella the cow. Students took selfies at the photo booth with Bella and enjoyed the free handouts. Thursday morning, we had a dairy farmer set up a display in the cafeteria about what cows are fed and how much of their food is actually recycled by-product. Lastly on Friday, we continued the raffle tickets for eating breakfast and held our final drawing with a grand prize of an NFL player-signed helmet. Overall, the week was an awesome experience for all the students involved. We increased the numbers of students that ate breakfast by a few percent each morning and had a sizable increase in students getting items from the Grab and Go cart. We are hoping to see long term effects by making sure every student has plenty of opportunities to eat breakfast every day!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students asked to pass out tickets for prizes for students that ate breakfast and the adults coordinated to have enough prizes and donations to give away. The adults also coordinated conversations of which days presenters and speakers were available. Once all the people were in the school cafeteria, the students led from there.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We had a successful week of informing students on the importance of eating breakfast everyday. That was our goal. We also had a very successful kick off with students taking advantage of the new Grab and Go breakfast cart.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We are feeding an additional 10% of our student population each day with the Grab and Go cart.