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NCTS Family Fitness Night

Steven Joyce,   Newton Co Theme Sch-ficquett
Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork
NCTS Family Fitness Night
I'd like to give a shout out to our wonderful Newton County Theme School Wellness Committee (Mrs. Miller, Coach Mike Twardos, Vicki Goldman, Mrs. Alexander, Vickie Petersheim, Susan Stone, NCTS cafeteria staff) for their efforts in hosting our annual Newton County Theme School's Family Fitness Night on Tuesday, 3/13! It was a fun night of promoting health, wellness, physical activity, and nutrition for all of our K-8th NCTS families. We estimated that 200 students, families, and friends participated in the event. Also, there were over 80 parent volunteers/staff that helped guide the activities. Ten community partners (Newton County Sheriffs Department, Covington Police department, Newton County Water and Sewage Authority, Newton County Schools Transportation Department-Elvis the Owl, Dr. Washington Eye specialist, Newton Trails, Alcovy Fitness, NCSS Nutrition Department, NCTS Step Team, NCTS Cafeteria) were setup at the event and promoting health, nutrition, and fitness. Nine other organizations (Dairy Alliance, Atlanta Falcons, Kroger, Covington Police Department, GeoMotionTV, Safe Routes to School Georgia, Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Gramzinski, Scott Hubbard State Farm) gave us donations/giveaways to enhance our families' experiences and learning at Family Fitness Night. Kudos to all of you, our students, families, staff, and community partners for another successful event that coincides with our county's wellness efforts!

How did you accomplish your goals?

We promoted healthy snacks through a taste testing station at our Family Fitness Night with fresh fruits, vegetables, and Go-gurt yogurts! Everybody enjoyed the healthy snacks!