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New, Healthy Ideas

Jordan Ooten,   Kermit Pk-8 School
Access to Healthy Foods

We've hung posters throughout the school and highlighted new, healthy foods for students to try. We are blessed with a fresh fruits and vegetables grant within our county and students are really taking advantage of these healthy options. It's surprising to many teachers to see how enthusiastic the students are about trying new things and looking forward to snack time. Students are choosing apples, bananas, and a variety of healthy choices, as opposed to eating snack cakes and chips.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Adults offer healthy alternatives to the students and they're encouraged to try these.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Exposing children to healthy alternatives is fun and exciting. Many students had never tried certain fruits and vegetables and were apprehensive at first. Once they found out they actually enjoyed them, they would ask when they were going to be offered again.