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Bike and Hike Kickoff

Laura Newman,   Meredith Nicholson Elementary School
Community Involvement
Bike and Hike Kickoff

Our Kickoff event for Fuel Up to Play 60 is a family/community event. We have everyone come out to our local library with their bikes, scooters, or just their walking feet. Our local bike store, "Rotten Robbies," come out to check tires and other necessary things on the bikes to help ensure safety. Our families then ride or hike to our elementary school. Once at the school, there is a refueling station with a healthy snack and milk to drink. They may then venture to our many stations. We have exercise stations you can do at home in our gym. We have a nutrition game station to help educate families. There is a football toss, an obstacle course, and our local NFL team brings the Indianapolis Colts in Motion trailer for everyone to enjoy. We have parent and teacher volunteers that help with some of the stations, and our police department runs the obstacle course and mans the streets. Each year, either our Crawfordsville football team, swim team, or Wabash College comes to volunteer as well. Our mayor comes each year to support our event. It is a fun time for all, with over 400 people attending.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Each year more and more families attend our event. It is a huge success as we promote it through our school, and local paper. It is a great way for our families to see our school and show us enjoying this time with them.