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Northwest High School Mentors Wilbur Middle School

Merri Copeland,   Northwest High School
Community Involvement
Northwest High School Mentors Wilbur Middle School

The Northwest Fuel Up to Play 60 team has been involved in many community events since the beginning of the school year. Starting off, we worked with Wilbur Middle School's Fuel Up to Play 60 team to create a fun, informative Kickoff event. With the help of local sponsors we were able to give students low-fat yogurt parfaits as an incentive of signing up online. The high school students also led various physical activity stations that were a huge hit. Following, the team went to McCollom Elementary School to help inform the students about what Fuel Up to Play 60 is and how they can sign up. We then also gave them low-fat yogurt parfaits and played a class game of kickball. When contacting the Mayor of Wichita regarding community involvement of Fuel Up to Play 60 we were awarded with a Proclamation declaring January 23, 2016, Wichita Fuel Up to Play 60 day. While teaming up with the Wichita Thunder Hockey team, our group as well as Jardine Middle School's team had a promotional booth around the concourse on Wichita Fuel Up to Play 60 Day. With all of the media outreach our group gained, two of our members were featured on a local talk show that airs on KWCH known as the Brett & Sierra show. Our main objective of this year was to implement the program in to our community and advise local schools on their successes.

How did you accomplish your goals?

With high school students being the majority of our team, we gave them most of the responsibility in order to plan and go through with all of our events.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Many challenges came with the use of the logo on different promotional items as well as who would could partner with but with the help of the Midwest Dairy Council we were able to appropriately overcome all of these obstacles.