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Nutrition News

Lori Nelson,   Citrus Springs Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods
Nutrition News
Our Nutrition team has worked hard to spread the good news of healthy nutrition and exercise. Our efforts have included working with our school lunch program to help promote healthy eating choices during lunch and in between class snacks. We have started a campaign that showcases posters and banners throughout the lunchroom and in the breezeway where many students eat their lunches. One of our goals is to get our peers to remove sugar from their food choices which accounts for calories that provide no nutritional value. We have talked to numerous kids in our school about making changes in their in and out of school diets that should be long term changes. This has not been easy for many students but we will continue to push forward. We know that change will not happen overnight but we will continue to promote changes in eating choices that will carry over to the future. Another area that we are very proud of is our video’s that are viewed on our schools morning show. Our videos are skits that deal with different topics. For example, we go into the cafeteria and have members of our team make food choices on the lunch line. These food choices may be good or bad but we talk about the value, or lack of, the choices on our plates. When kids sit down and examine the foods they are eating they will have more knowledge on making good choices. We talk about the food groups, portion sizes, and how to mix and match to make a healthy meal. Additionally, we discuss the value of support in our schools. No one should be forced to settle for high calorie, unhealthy food choices. If someone can’t afford to bring healthy food to schools in pre made meals, we teach them how to make good choices on the lunch line. Hopefully, this knowledge will extend to their home life and they can avoid foods that will not provide nutritional value. Lastly, we participate in our school newsletter. We provide word searches and brief articles on the value of good nutrition. Since the newsletter goes to all of the families in our school, we are sharing information with parents and families, as well. By getting the information out to large amounts of people, we are hoping that students can get the support at home to eat healthy and get plenty of daily exercise. We will continue to send information home and share with students and teachers in our school. We are just in the beginning stages of developing a comprehensive school wide nutrition program. As we continue to work with teachers, students, and our food service workers, we hope to develop plans that will keep everyone healthy and strong!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The nutrition team worked with the adult team for guidance, but the nutrition team is the ones who spread the messages in a variety of ways to the students.