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Old School Versus New School

Monique Ferguson,   Ericson Elementary Scholastic Academy
Community Playtime – It’s Good for Everyone
Community Involvement
Old School Versus New School

Old School versus New School is a dance competition among parents, teachers and students. The categories we are competing in are Lyrical, Jazz, Kick, Pom and a stand battle in Hip-hop. Students are excited because they think they can win. The adults are excited and tired because they have to keep up with the physical aspect of dance. There has been a lot of trash talk back in forth between teachers, parents and students.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The challenges the adults face are practice times. The adults have to meet on some Saturday afternoons. We also meet on Tuesday evenings. We have had to Facetime and video text routines. The challenges the students face are choreographing their own dance routines without the help of the coaches, because we are now their competition.