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PC Pioneers Rethink Your Drink

Monica Rosegrant,   Prairie Center Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
PC Pioneers Rethink Your Drink

Our FUTP 60 team gathered up various popular drink choices for elementary age kids and calculated the sugar content using the nutrition facts label. They created a visual display using plastic cups and sugar cubes. They put the display in the student cafeteria so all students could see it. They also conducted a pre- and post -survey to see if there would be a change in drink choices for lunch. They also created posters to promote healthy beverage choices.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students worked together to collect the beverage containers. They each took several bottles and calculated the sugar content and converted them to sugar cubes. They worked together to set the display up, arranging the bottles from least sugar to most sugar. They also worked with the cafeteria staff to make arrangements for their display.