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Pedaling for Smoothies at River Heights

Andrew Preusse,   River Heights El
Access to Healthy Foods
Pedaling for Smoothies at River Heights

Our Fuel Up to Play 60 club members provided healthy smoothie samples to every student at our school’s morning breakfast. We used multiple blenders to make our samples, including our blender bike! Club members took turns mixing ingredients, riding the blender bike, pouring the smoothies into sample cups, and handing them out to students. Our smoothie recipe included delicious dairy and fruit products. We served over 350 students (and staff)!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

To make our smoothie sampling morning possible, students and adults planned and coordinated the event to make sure everything ran smooth. Our club members and I, as our club advisor, worked with our food staff to use their equipment and space. The students chose the smoothie flavor, created signs to promote our event, and carried out the different jobs required to make and hand out our samples.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

In order to provide samples to the entire student body, we needed to determine how much of each ingredient to purchase. We met with our food staff to ask their opinion and got a good idea of how much to buy. As we made the smoothies, we made sure to stick to the measurements we planned for. When we were done, we ended up with extra ingredients. Better too much than not enough. We were able to use the extras to provide smoothies again for another school function.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our club planned out this event in the weeks leading up to it. We decided on the best time to offer the samples, what flavor we wanted to provide, jobs that would need to be done, and how we were going to promote the event. Club members signed up for different roles and everyone helped out in one or more areas. As a team, we accomplished a lot during the planning phase, and our event ran without a hitch that day because of it.