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Penn Pride -- Walking Miles One Day at a Time

Tiffany Fishman,   Penn Elementary School
Walk this Way — Start a Walking Club
Our school uses the Mileage Club in conjunction with the Walk This Way Play. Students can walk on a set course on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during their lunch recess. As students finish a lap, they hand their Mileage Club card to a parent volunteer who gives a punch on their card. Once a student finishes their entire card, they turn it in during their PE class time and earn awards and prizes for miles walked. The FUTP 60 kids are big motivators during the lunch classes, encouraging kids to participate in the Mileage Club. There are also bulletin boards displayed that show statistics per class and grade level that help motivate the students. The FUTP 60 kids are also responsible for distributing certificates to the 5 classes each week that have the highest class miles. Twice a school year we hold an all school mile walk which the FUTP 60 kids lead. All other classes walk with their buddy classes and teachers. We also have Family Fun night walks in which parents and family members can participate with their children. This fun event excites the kids’ even more as they can earn extra punches on their Mileage Club cards and enjoy walking with their family. The excitement of our students to get out and walk miles is fascinating. Being able to use funding from the FUTP 60 program to purchase incentive awards for the Mileage Club has increased participation and overall enthusiasm. 

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The parent volunteers are a large part of our Mileage Club. Without their help with punching the students cards this program would not be as big of a success as it is. The positive interaction between the adults and students is one of encouragement and motivation. Giving the Fuel Up kids responsibility to work with the adults as well as turn materials in motivates other students not only to participate in the 100 Mile Club but motivates many to get more involved with the FUTP 60 program.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Being able to use FUTP 60 funding that we had left over to purchase exciting incentive awards for our Mileage Club has been a huge motivation to accomplish our goal of incorporating our play. The kids are so excited about the awards that they want to continue to walk and add up miles. Having such a supportive parent volunteer network adds to the success of our goals.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Students are excited and motivated to add up their miles. Having Fuel Up kids encouraging students to participate has improved not only the participation in our Mileage but also the overall participation in the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Using bulletin boards to display both Mileage Club awards and stats as well as class and grade level challenges has improved the participation in our Play as well. Students have really shown excitement about Mileage Club!