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Persistence Pays

Noah Patel,   Franklin Roosevelt K-8 School
Physical Activity Participation

One of my students last year was not a runner at all. However, she was committed to healthier living after experiencing some health struggles the year before. She was not the fastest or fittest, but she probably had the most determination out of all of my students to reach her goal of 100 miles. When she had completed her 99th mile, she told me and was very excited. On her very last lap, the class had whispered to each other that she only had one left and all students waited at the finish line and when she turned the corner, they went nuts! She told me later, she felt like an olympic champion finishing her last lap. It was the best moment my class had all year!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

We had a very rough winter last year in Boston...we had to find creative ways to maintain physical activity despite the terrible weather that was unsafe for students to be outside in.