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PfUN PfAMILY and PfRIEND Challenges

Docia Craft,   Murchison Elementary School
Community Playtime – It’s Good for Everyone
Community Involvement

What do you do when your city's name is close to unpronounceable by, well, mostly everyone? You celebrate its most unique quality-the silent P. The Pflugerville Education Foundation (PEF) did just that at its 3rd Annual PfLING on November 11, 2017. The PfLING provided attendees the opportunity to network with local business reps and participate in FUTP 60-inspired physical activities in the PfUN PfAMILY and PfRIEND Challenges. The PEF drafted Murchison Elementary’s (MES) veteran FUTP 60 Program Advisor, Docia Craft, to create the obstacle course that engaged all ages, abilities and fitness levels. MES’ FUTP 60 Leadership team rallied around the project and helped design eight 40-yard obstacle courses that traversed the district’s premier athletic turf - The PfIELD. The thematic courses honed skills for football, agility, fire safety, balance, teamwork, soccer and strength. Sixty PfAMILY and PfRIENDS teams mastered the Challenges course. The Matas of Murchison posted the fastest time of 8:47. A record number of student leaders from Hendrickson High School were recruited for Greeters, Warm-Up Pros and Trainers positions. Coach Ciarra Williams’ 2nd period Physical Education class safely managed the course and even stayed late for the clean-up. Engaged leaders of all ages plus moderate to vigorous physical activity plus diverse stakeholders plus high fives plus an event that is sustainable, positive and PFREE equals a cause for celebration- with or without the silent Ps! 


How did students and adults work together as a team?

Th PEF Board provided the framework, Pfield and motivation to add wellness to its 3rd Annual PfLING. School-based leaders recruited students to inventory available equipment, design challenge courses, set-up and breakdown courses and participate in the pfun at various levels of responsibility.