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Physical Activity Fun at Middle Grove

Hope Blomquist,   Middle Grove C-1
Physical Activity Participation
Physical Activity Fun at Middle Grove
For our First Fuel Up to Play 60 event, students met after school for an hour and a half and we played a variety of games including Thumb Ball and Kids Charades. We then had free play with items from the P.E. shed. Some of the kids that stayed usually go home right after school and play video games until bedtime. They had so much fun playing with things they don't normally have access to, that they started asking when our next Fuel Up to Play 60 activity was!!! I am so excited these kids are having so much fun after just one time!!!!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

The kids enjoyed the Thumb ball game so much that it will be incorporated into each day of FUTP 60 activity we schedule. They also enjoyed free play, so we will also incorporate that and give them ideas to use their imagination and things they have at home to make up their own games.