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Pinewood playing on the playground

Mike Radant,   Pinewood Community Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork

Our school district and our PTO shared the funding of a new playground system at Pinewood Community School in 2015/16 school year. The students were able to pick out some key features in the design process. After the playground was installed the school and community have been excited to play on it every day, including on winter days. Students have also been more active due to the amount of space to move and explore.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our students worked with the adults in the design process of the playground. They were able to pick out key slides, spinners, monkey bars and look outs. It was a successfull and fun process for all!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We are able to make this Play last due to the quality of equipment picked and put in. Along with a small biannual budget for recess clerks to purchase other small pieces of equipment like jump ropes, Frisbees and portable goals.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The amount of activity due to more space has increased a lot. We also see more interaction with other groups of children as the explore and move around the playground equipment!