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Pinnacle Breakfast

Katie Klein,   Uplift Pinnacle Prep Chtr Sch
Breakfast – Grab and Go!
Access to Healthy Foods
This year scholars' Grab and Go Breakfast was a big success. I am in the cafeteria every morning and witness a large percentage of our scholars eating a healthy breakfast every morning. Scholars discuss what foods are healthy and what are not so healthy. We have put up posters around the cafeteria that help scholars distinguish between "go" foods and "no" foods. Scholars also have learned about healthy foods and their names in Spanish class to help reinforce the value of good nutrition.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Since offering the Grab and Go Breakfast, I have noticed that scholars are making more of an effort to get to school on time. Not only are they arriving in time for breakfast, but they are also arriving on time to start their school day. Previous to this, tardies were a large problem at our school. Scholars are also less hungry throughout the day and can concentrate more on their schoolwork. They are also more knowledgeable about making healthy and nutritious choices for themselves.