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Play a New Way at Beattie

Michelle Welch,   Beattie Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
Lincoln Public Schools held a challenge in the 3rd quarter entitled Play a New Way. The focus was a combined activity variety challenge and social-emotional challenge. It encouraged students to create their own games out of 5 found items and experiment with new activities. More importantly, it encouraged students to invite new friends to play, pick different students for their teams in group activities and play focused on the joy without keeping score. The response was very positive. Within the district, 6,170+ students returned results and reported 83,400+ ways that they met the challenge goals. 93% reported being both more active and trying some different activities than usual. 82% reported that their friends and family joined them in the challenge activities. We ask them to tell about their success and here are some student comments. Student Comments Included: I had a sleepover with my two best friends, Magda and Kaitlin. With this challenge in mind, we played many games that did not involve technology. We are all phone-obsessed teens, so it was nice to take a break and get to know them even more. I love doing these activity sheets and I'm TOTALLY getting more active! By Tuesday I has so many checkmarks. I love these challenges. I walk to school every day. During this challenge, on walks I noticed more around my neighborhood. I also played with different people than usual at recess. I think it made me a lot more active instead of just sitting at home and doing nothing. This made me happy! My mom downloaded Go Noodle at home. I made amazing football catches. My teacher dances funny. I made a new friend.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Challenges for students and staff were combined.