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Play with Heart!

Debbie Perkins,   Garyville-mt Airy Magnet School
Teamwork, Physical Activity Participation,  Access to Healthy Foods
Play with Heart!

We are a K-8 grade school. Our enrollment in just below the total of three hundred students. This year the FUTP 60 kids of Garyville sponsored the American Heart Fundraiser at our school. They used the Ramp Up for Recess and Healthy Foods Everywhere in School Plays as incentives to get the students to contribute to the fundraiser. The school's goal was to raise $1000. The students put together a very attractive package for the school. Each grade level was given their own thirty five minutes recess time. The sixth through eighth grade students set-up and officiated various game stations for the students in grades kindergarden to fifth grades. The Kindergarden students engaged in a sack race, egg race, and ten meter fun run. First and second grade students played an organized kickball game with the use of the baseball team scoreboard and two different colored jersey. The students said "this was like playing in a major league baseball game." Third to fifth grade students played organized games of flag football, volleyball, and softball and individual jump rope. At the end of each play session, all students were treated to healthy snacks from our school's wellness cafe' and a prize from SUDA and FUTP 60. The students really enjoyed the prizes of footballs,wrist bands,pencils,pens, and other items. The teachers enjoyed seeing their class engage in play and some coached their own students. Some of the teachers copied the way the play stations were done and provide their class with safe and fun recess time. This play helped us to raise $1687.57 for the American Heart Association. At Garyville, we know how to play with heart!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The team of FUTP 60 students worked with the PTO parents at our school by serving the students in the wellness cafe' and handing out fruits /healthy drinks and FUTP 60 prizes such as footballs, pencils, wristbands, pedometer, etc. The parent are now sending healthy snacks to school for their kids at snack time. More teachers are engage in play with their classes at recess and not just looking at them when they are playing.