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Polser 21 Day Challenge

Angela Cross,   Polser El
Snack Smarter Schoolwide
Access to Healthy Foods,  Community Involvement
Teachers, students and families had the opportunity to sign up for a 21 day Healthy Snack Challenge. A quick survey was sent out and included questions such as how often to you eat a healthy snack, or unhealthy options like candy, chips, etc. School-wide, we pledged  to eat a healthy snack daily for 3 weeks . Studies show that it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit and that's why 21 days was chosen. This is the third year for our school to make and participate in this challenge and we had an all time high, with almost 50 staff members joining along with a slight increase of our student population. Overall, it was another successful attempt at bringing a healthier life style to our students and community alike!

How did you accomplish your goals?

Daily announcements were made to students to remind them about signing up and participating in this challenge. Signs and posters were put up both inside and outside of the school. Daily discussions were held at the end of each class about healthy snack option. This gave the kids and staff opportunity to share new food options with each other or anything else related to our challenge.