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Power Hour

Brooke Hempton,   Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
Power Hour

This school year, Jefferson has established Power Hour, which is a before-school physical activity class. The class has been used as a Tier 2 support for students that need a little more physical activity to help keep them focused and "in the game" during the school day. The class runs every school day for 40 minutes. The 40 minutes is divided up into a 20 minute warm-up activity, 10 minutes of gross motor skill development and ends with 10 minutes of a whole class game or activity. At the conclusion of each class, the participants huddle up with hands in and end with a cheer of "Power Hour Eagles!"

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We have surveyed teachers, participants and parents to see if they perceive the program as beneficial to the participants. The data has been overwhelmingly in favor of continuing this program for the next school year. Administration has been extremely supportive of this initiative and has given the "OK" to continue!