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Practice Makes Perfect

Vanita Krouch,   La Villita Elem
Physical Activity Participation

On our campus, we created a heart challenge to jump rope and hula-hoop for 30 seconds then for 1 minute. Students are given 3 chances per PE class to do the 30 second hula hoop challenge and 3 more chances the next class. After the 30 second hula-hoop challenge, the kids are given the opportunity to hula-hoop for 1 minute for a total of 6 chances over two class periods. The same timed challenge is done for the jump ropes, too. If a student can do the challenge for the specific time frame, they earn their name on a heart and it goes on our Healthy Heart wall of fame. The true success story is totally whether they get a heart or not on the wall. It's the fact they are motivated and I get daily stories of the students pleading to their parents for a hula-hoop or a jump rope so they can practice and get better and stay active. The true success story is they're motivated and inspired and share this love with their parents, siblings and friends.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Each year the Healthy Heart wall expands. Students are motivated each year to keep working because they have a vision and goal. An expectation is set to keep practicing becasue it makes for perfection.