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Primary Recess Refresh

Sandy Woods,   Leicester Primary School
Recess Refresh — It's Not so Elementary!
Physical Activity Participation
Primary  Recess Refresh
Physical Activity Play: Recess Refresh- It's Not so Elementary! Since last year, we have adopted a new recess format for students in order to provide more active play recess options. By dividing grade level groupings in half (on front and back playgrounds), students can safely be more physically active and participate in our Walking Club and in small group games. We kicked our Walking Club off to get students excited about this recess activity in the fall, with a Family Walk. The walk included 89 participants showing up on a busy Tuesday night to collectively walk over 135 miles! We also track mileage for students throughout the year with our 2-mile, 4-mile, 6-mile, etc. "Walls of Fame" banners to keep students excited about being active and healthy! Students also have a new indoor recess option in the gym on selected days, for lots of physical activity utilizing the Rock Wall and our new physical activity equipment (funded by our FUTP 60 grant last year).

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Each month, the program advisor creates and shares a rotating recess schedule for all grades, equally distributing time spent on the back and front playgrounds. Different classes get to have recess together on this rotating schedule, with available equipment and lots of space for safe active play!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Students are thrilled and so proud to see their name on the 2-mile, 4-mile, etc. "Wall of Fame" banners in the gym. They also receive a plastic keychain token for each 2-mile increment. There are currently several student who have walked almost 10 miles during recess this school year! Walking Club participation at recess continues to increase!