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Promoting Active Recess

JULIA HUCK,   Koepsell Education Center
Recess Refresh — It's Not so Elementary!
Physical Activity Participation
At Koepsell Elementary, we have created an easy-to-use Indoor Recess Kit. Keeping the kids active is always an issue during indoor recess and with this kit, the noon monitors are able to quickly set up and guide fun-filled games/activities in the classroom. The kit contains a binder with easy to follow game ideas and directions, as well as all of the equipment needed. Students are enjoying playing new games and are learning to work as a team. We are finding that the students are having fun and the principal reports that there has been a decrease in disciplinary referrals.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Students are more active during indoor recess; they are having fun with their friends and learning about working as a team. We have seen a decrease in behavior issues during indoor recess as well.