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Queen Bee SD 16 Turkey Trot and December Healthy Snack Play

Dan Nejman,   Glen Hill Primary School
Queen Bee SD 16 Turkey Trot and December Healthy Snack Play

In 2016 our school did a play called the Turkey Trot, which challenged students to do 60 minutes of physical activity during each day of their Thanksgiving break. We had a lot of student participation. During our winter break, our school did a healthy snack challenge as well as a fitness challenge. Students were encouraged to eat healthy snacks over the course of their winter break and a packet of information was sent home to educate students and families about healthy snack ideas. The fitness component was added and students were given a calendar log on which they had to log all of the minutes that they walked each day during their winter break. These minutes were later converted into miles that counted towards our schools walking/running mile goal.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We set out with a goal in mind and made it happen. By working together with students, families, staff and the Physical Education team, we were able to plan our plays together. Teamwork and collaboration along with student participation and learning helped our school be successful.