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Ramp it Up at Fort Lupton!

Tasha Tolbert,   Fort Lupton Middle School
Physical Activity Participation

Our FUTP 60 team is participating in Ramp Up for Recess. The team used their funding to order a All Sports Activity kit for our students to use during recess. This fun filled sports pack from Gopher Sports comes with a variety of sports equipment and games to get kids active during recess. From footballs and frisbees to horseshoes and baseball, it has a little bit of everything to help get our students up and moving during lunch recess. Not only have the kids incorporated these fun activities into recess, they have been involved with inventory and the daily upkeep of the equipment, learning valuable lessons about responsibility! After talking with kids before and after the introduction of the equipment, students are happy to have something to do outside besides stand around. "I love the hula hoops", states a 7th grade girl. " I have always wanted to learn how!". Another group of boys love the horseshoes....."my family plays this game when we are camping but I have never been very good. Maybe I will get better!". It feels good to get the students in the school active. We thank FUTP 60 for that!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

It was difficult to figure out a good system for passing out and collecting equipment at the start and end of recess time. We brainstormed ideas and decided to have each team member responsibile for 1 of the bags. Each bag contained X amount of items per day. The items were passed out, a picture of the kid was taken, then equipment was collected at the end of the recess. So far we haven't lost any items!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We surveyed the students during lunch to determine what equipment they would be interested in having for recess. Then we worked with our sponsors to find companies that had the equipment. Once we determined the different options we worked as a FUTP 60 team and made a working document with our top 3 selections. We then voted and our sponsors ordered the equipment!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Usually during recess, kids stand around and just talk. Sometimes the boys play football or soccer but that is really all there is to do. With the equipment purchased for our Ramp Up for Recess play, there were a lot more options! The frisbees and hula hoops have been a big hit for the girls and everyone loves baseball. The bouncy balls have been a big hit for when the weather is nice enough! The kids have definitely become more active and less of standing around.