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Ramtastic Day!

Byron Fry,   Riverview Gardens Sr. High
Physical Activity Participation
This is a day set aside each month to celebrate being a “Ramtastic Student” by being you exhibiting what it takes to be a future leader and scholar of tomorrow. A “Ramtastic Student” strives for excellence, pledges to show courage, and to do their very best at all times!!! Physically Fit: I pledge to be as physically fit as I can and always give 110% in everything I do. Intellectually Fit: I endeavor to know as much as I can about everything around me. Socially Fit: I strive to get along with everyone. I am an enemy to no one and friend to all. Emotionally Fit: I express good sportsmanship and character in all activities I perform. Even in defeat, I am still a champion.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Play is the mortar of the foundation of education. Play can bring people together/divide people into different mixtures. Play can bring communities together for a common good. Play can make borders disappear. Play can make a "have not" into a "have". Play can turn a nobody into a somebody. Play can turn a rock into a diamond. Play can make lifelong friends emerge. Play can make people forget their pain. We play with friends to socialize and bound. The basic skills of life are learned through play.