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Raving up recess at Norma Linda Trevino Elementary

Christina Espericueta,   Trevino Elem
Physical Activity Participation
Raving up recess at Norma Linda Trevino Elementary

This year at Norma Linda Trevino Elementary, we have intergraded recess into our lunch periods for all students. This had not been done in over 12 years. We have seen great success by adding an extra 10 minutes to our students’ daily physical activity, which our numbers have increased with student wanting to be physical active. During recess we have students in all grade levels that enjoy physical activity using jump ropes, and challenging each other to see who can jump rope the longest. The students try to find innovative and different ways to jump rope and they encourage their peers to join them. Our younger students at Norma Linda Trevino Elementary also take part in playing good old TAG. It is amazing to see how they run all over the field just chasing each other laughing and enjoying the time they have to run freely, and unknowingly they don’t realize the cardio they are doing while having fun with their peers. Our students have learned how to play with each other in a structured environment. As they enter the gym they know exactly what is allowable during their recess time. We have stations set up for the older students, so that they may have a choice on what activity they would like to play. Students take part in four squares, basketball, football, jump rope, hula hoop, and hop scotch. The students are able to move around to the different activities as they desire as long as they are staying physical active. By having our students take part in recess this year not only have we seen a difference in their physical fitness participation, the teachers have seen a difference with student’s attentiveness. Just having a few extra minutes a day by having students moving has made a great difference here at Norma Linda Trevino Elementary because of the implementation of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

This year at Norma Linda Trevino we had a day that parents came with their child to take part in physical activities, that we as coach put together for them. It was a great experience for the parents and their children. The parents were able to take part in the same workout activities that their own children take part in during P.E. It was a wonderful sight to see as we got parents involved and more interested and aware in the P.E. program we have.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

While getting students more active during the day, they are able to preform much better in class. They are awake and attentive and ready to learn and participate in the lessons that are being taught. Our students look forward to P.E. their recess time.