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Reaching Goals

grainne meninzor,   Haas Middle School
Physical Activity Participation
Reaching Goals

Meet Melissa Reyes M, a 7th grade student here at Haas Middle School. She is the first student to complete 26.2 miles and received her well-earned T-shirt from Marathon Kids. Melissa logged her miles through Cross Country running, weekly Athletics miles and our Warrior Running Club practices and 5k events. Melissa is an inspiration to all our students as she completed this over 9 weeks, and hopes to reach a goal of 3 marathons within the school year. She is pictured beside our Running Club/Marathon Kids progress board, which tracked their miles weekly and is on show in the PE gym for all to see. The students love to see their progress as well as checking against each other! Marathon Kids has been a huge success here at Haas this year. Thank you Fuel Up to Play 60; we appreciate your funding and couldn’t do it without you!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Our Warrior Running Club is year round, and so it will continue right through until May. We competed in 4 5k runs in the Fall and hope to do the same in the Spring. All students run one mile weekly through PE, so running has become an integral part of our school environment here at Haas, and will continue to be.