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Recess Time!

Victor Prado,   Carmen Avila Elementary School
Here at Carmen Avila Elementary we promote physical activity as much as we can, whether its in the classroom where the kids take a break to move around and stretch the body or ten minutes of recess during their lunch. The kids eat their healthy food during lunch then have ten minutes of recess to use their energy foods of carbohydrates such as bread, vegetables and spaghetti to burn outside while playing. We all know that if those starchy foods stay in the system without movement it will eventually turn to fat causing laziness in the classroom and poor concentration. We PE coaches are in conjunction with our colleagues in what we can do to better help the concentration of the kids to perform well in the classroom. LETS GO RECESS!!!

How did you accomplish your goals?

Collaborating with Administration and teacher colleagues on what we can do to better the participation and concentration of our students in the classroom.