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Ritter Fuels Up

Jessica Taranto,   Fred W. Ritter Elementary School
Student Leadership,  Other

At Ritter Elementary, we are committed to being healthy and active! Monday, November 2 was our Kickoff for Fuel Up to Play 60. We had fantastic weather for this center-based event (72 and sunny in November!). In addition to being a healthy snack school, staff members have been equipped with the tools to get students on their way to at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily with "get up and get moving" brain breaks. The FUTP 60 student leadership committee led centers demonstrating and leading these physical activities. There were also food samplings to introduce students to new fruits and vegetables that they may have not tried before. Students were able to try three different types of apples and then vote on their favorite (it was Jonathan Gold, by the way). They were also able to try radishes, snap peas, and avocados. After hours tallying ballots, the results are in and snap peas are a big hit! There was split decision on the avocados and the radishes were not a favorite for the students. Some comments from the students regarding the new foods were, “The snap peas are awesome!” and “These radishes taste like spicy carrots!” Overall, the FUTP 60 Kickoff was considered a success and built some excitement for healthy eating and physical activity.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Instead of potato chips and cookies, students choose to bring in fruits, veggies, and whole grains for snacks. They love physical activity breaks and ask for them regularly. It's exciting to see students get excited for Fuel Up to Play 60.