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River Trails Middle School 1st Annual Walk/Bike to School Day

Cristy Tracz,   River Trails Middle School
Community Involvement
River Trails Middle School 1st Annual Walk/Bike to School Day

This was our first walk/bike to school event at River Trails Middle School. We had 83 kids either walk or bike to school. We had parents helping to pass out milk and apples in the morning and string cheese and carrots in the afternoon. The local bike shop, Prospect Bikes, came out and did free safety checks for the students' bikes. We had the Mount Prospect Police Department out in full force for both the morning and afternoon. The policemen also stayed after school and threw the football and Frisbee, played bags, and rode bikes with the kids. We also had a local business sponsor us and donate money so that we were able to give all of our participating students FUTP 60 backpacks. In addition, we now have a map of safe routes to walk/bike to school on our webpage to encourage students to continue to walk/bike throughout the school year. The day was such a success; many students and staff asked if we would be able to host this event on a weekly or monthly basis. Getting the kids moving to and from school and providing a healthy snack turned out to be a huge moral booster for our school.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We accomplished our goal of hosting our first walk/bike to school event by working together. We had many students and staff working to promote the event in the newspaper, through the announcements, and even on social media.