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Rivera Jump Rope for Heart Event

Ann Arnold,   Rosemarie Rivera Elem School
Physical Activity Participation
Rivera Jump Rope for Heart Event

On Friday, March 4, we had our Jump Rope for Heart event. It was an all-school event in which students and teachers participated with about 15 parents. We had stations that the students rotated to including jump rope, cheering for those jumping, eating a healthy snack and water, obstacle course, and Zumba. We encouraged students and staff to take the pledge to FUTP 60 and view the website. It was a huge success, all students really enjoyed it and were so worn out. We raised over $600.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The entire school was divided into several teams and given a team color. Although there was no competition, everyone was thrilled to be on a team with a bunch of new and old friends that they may or may not have known. Everyone wore a shirt of their team color and traveled to all of the stations together with their team. We used our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program fruit to have snacks. Teachers and other adults encouraged students to move their bodies and jump rope.