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Kathy Beezley,   Rogers Middle School
Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork

Last Friday we had a pep assembly recognizing our Active Schools Award and celebrating the fact we are an active School. Rogers is one of only 544 schools who achieved this status and we are very proud to be included. We decided to have an assembly to highlight our current teams including: football, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, cross country and dance. Our FUTP 60 committee was very busy the past few weeks preparing for the assembly. We decorated, discussed details with our principal and our PE coach, who was our Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon, and took charge of the assembly. “Being a Let’s Move Active School" means that we are one of 544 schools who MOVE. Thank you to all of teachers who encourage physical activity during and after the school day!! After announcing our teams, we pointed out why we are an active school. We had all of the teams stand by the bleachers and asked our students to stand and keep standing if they participated in basketball, wrestling, hockey, softball, baseball, track, boys intramurals, girls intramurals, weight training, skating, dance, gymnastics, golf, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, lacrosse, or field hockey. Almost every student was standing when we are finished. I asked them to look around: That’s why we are an active school. Cheers for “Just Keep Moving” were heard all the way to the office. Great day and success for Rogers Middle School and our Let’s Move Assembly!!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The FUTP 60 committee planned the assembly over the last 2 months, making sure they spoke with our principal, coordinated with all student athletes to wear their jerseys, sent emails to students and staff letting them know what to expect, decorated for weeks and coordinated student activities the day of the assembly.