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Rock the Bike for Smoothies

Kevin Podeweltz,   Riverside El
Build Your Own Shake-Up
Access to Healthy Foods, Physical Activity Participation, Student Leadership,  Success with Funds
Rock the Bike for Smoothies

For our Kick Off this year, we had a Blender Bike in the gym as parents were going around for registration and different activities. Our Fuel Up to Play 60 student leaders were at the table to answer questions, sign people up, and get them registered for FUTP 60. As they were doing that, they could make their own smoothie and blend it on the Fender Blender. Students had their choice of yogurt, choice of frozen fruit, and milk before they went to work on blending their own smoothie.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The adults worked together to schedule the Fender Blender for our school and get the smoothie materials here. The parent/student/teacher team had a summer meeting where we discussed what the students would be doing for open house, as the teachers are in the classrooms. The student leaders were truly in charge of this in the gym without the advisors to help them as they signed students up. It was a huge success and shows the importance of a true student leadership team.