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Running for our Lives!

Julie Harrell - McGee,   Lamar Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation

The students at our campus have done their fair share of running this school year with more running to be accomplished before year's end. They will complete a total of 104.8 miles of running during the 2015-2016 school year. The students enjoy running and on a typical day will run about 3 laps around the football field prior to our daily activity. Each week we have Wellness Wednesday where they run 5-6 laps depending on the age group. Each month we have a Trophy Run where each class competes against each other to see which class for that grade level wins the trophy, and which gets the runner-up spirit stick. Running helps the students exert the energy they have stored from sitting inside the classroom, and helps them to focus better once returning to class. We have an increase in participation in the classrooms and 100% participation in physical education classes. Our students thoroughly enjoy running and racing against each other and it brings us great joy knowing they are doing something that is good for them and good for their bodies. We also have a once a month walk to school where the students and parents meet up with the PE coaches at the local park to play at 7 am, followed by walking together as a group to school in the morning.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students and adults work together with the coaches, encouraging the students to try their best during class when running their laps or when competing in the trophy run. Students encourage their classmates during the trophy run so that they may be the monthly winners. Parents support our monthly walks to school by attending and helping to make sure everything runs smoothly.