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Running Tigers

Sean Englund,   Grant El
Physical Activity Participation
During our first year partnered with FUTP 60, we have seen a small increase in the desire to learn about healthy food choices as well as healthier lunches from home. What we have seen a massive increase in is the participation in our Running Tigers initiative. This program has been designed to increase student physical well-being by increasing the amount of activity they are getting each day through physical education class, recess, intramurals, and at home with family members. The program has been successful in the past with about 80+% participation in school required areas such as physical education class and intramuruals, yet it lacked in students taking self initiatives to increase the amount of physical exercise when it was not required (only about 20-25%). However, ever since partnering up with FUTP 60, self initiatives have increased to about 70% of students wanting to increase the amount of miles they can run by the end of the school year. We have been getting more students asking questions about what they can do outside of school to help improve their bodies. Students have also started bringing in slips from home signed by their parents even that they are going to the gym or running laps around their neighborhoods when ever they can. I am excited for next year when I focus more on the nutritional side of their well-being now that the physical aspect seems to be running smoothly on its own.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our classroom Ambassadors have been the major middle ground between myself and their classmates/classroom teachers. I inform the teachers about what is going on, but it has been the classroom Ambassadors that have been taking the initiative to help ensure their teachers understand what is taking place each month and their peers are participating.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We have seen a massive improvement in student self initiatives to increase the amount of exercise they get each day.