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San Pedro Knights

Valerie Villarreal,   San Pedro Elementary
Access to Healthy Foods,  Teamwork

San Pedro Elementary is fairly new to Fuel Up to Play 60. Fairly new to it because the cafeteria has, in previous years, displayed posters of the program, but this year we decided to get more involved and active with the program. We decided to choose the play that would help the entire campus to be physically active throughout the day and not just in the P.E. period. We chose In-class Physical Activity Breaks, also known as brain breaks. Coach Villarreal, the Program Advisor, collaborated with the teachers on campus to incorporate brain breaks into the class period a few times out of the week to help motivate the kids with learning. Brain breaks were a success at our campus!!! The students enjoyed the little break in-between to stretch and let loose. Students seemed to respond well to the little break and help get focused on the next lesson being taught.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students and teachers coordinated with each other by giving and taking feedback. Teachers would ask the students what type of brain breaks they liked and disliked. They came up with a system so that the brain breaks were different. Some were just dancing, others were stretching, and even actually doing calisthenic exercises.