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Say Cheese at Bayfield

Barb Rebak,   Bayfield Mid
A Community Taste Test Event
Community Involvement
Say Cheese at Bayfield
Bayfield Middle School took on the Cheese Tasting Challenge with the Kickoff with having a SAY CHEESE - School to Community Tasting. This event was held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 in the Bayfield Gym. This night is the evening of great Science, Technology, and many activities for students, parents and any community member who wishes to attend. This event can bring in over 300 people to the school for interesting and fun adventures. The cheese tasting favorite was the “Mild Cheddar” for its flavor! Of course, White Cheese Curds came in second followed by Colby Jack. Many of our guests had their picture taken with Mason Crosby and “SAY CHEESE” picture event. Many of our parents were interested in what we were doing, and the explanation of our grant by the Wisconsin Dairy Council was a nice surprise to the community in offering such a great healthy snack. The cheese and free stickers, pencils and more were a great hit among the young and old. This was a great way to introduce the Wisconsin Dairy Council's generosity through grants to help get the word out to our students, school and community members on how to eat healthy, exercise and say “CHEESE”.

How did you accomplish your goals?

To get the word out, the Middle School Team is promoting the Cheese Tasting Challenge. This is an opportunity to showcase our promotion table for the Wisconsin Dairy Council and Fuel Up to Play 60. (Science Fair which is for the students, Bayfield School District and Community members. ) We set up two tables to showcase cheese products, give-away pencils, stickers, etc. and samples of cheese for all.