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School Day Healthy Day

Ellie Calmes,   Pittston Consolidated School
Success with Funds
School Day Healthy Day

This year our school is blessed to have a volunteer, Debbie, from the University of Maine Cooporative Extension in conjunction with funding from this amazing program. Debbie visits each of our 12 classrooms every week to hold a healthy cooking class/snack and a physical activity break. Our funding purchased kitchen equipment, playground equipment, and fresh foods for these in school classes. The following picture is her current class "Eating Colors to a Healthy Body." She is showing the students how a colorful diet full of fruits, veggies, multigrains and low-fat dairy makes a strong body and yummy snacks. Thank you for this opportunity.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We are able to make this last all year because Debbie is committing to a once per week full year term and our generous funding allows us to have items that last the entire year.