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School Wide Physical Activity Improvement

Caitlin Golden,   Meadow Lane Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation,  Student Leadership
Students were very excited about them and we upped our brain breaks for the year by a lot. Lots of teachers started using Brain Breaks when they didn't previously do so. We also had a lot more discussions about wellness this year as students were much more excited and involved. We also held a Color Run at Meadow Lane for families. This was a large event with almost 200 students and families signed up. We had healthy snacks as well as prizes and large grand prizes for people to win. Staff are contributing to helping. We had shirts ordered as well as wellness prizes like water bottles and the gran prize of a child fitbit and an adult fitbit. This was a very exciting event for Meadow Lane and we are planning on this being our First Annual event and continuing throughout the years. We have shirts made and lots of students signed up.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Compared to last year when teachers just ran the challenges, this year students learned about the challenges themselves during announcements. This made students much more interested and motivated!