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Scotties Moving and Grooving

La Tonya Whybrew,   Graham Elementary School
Let's Dance!
Physical Activity Participation
Basically, we had school dances and participation was low. I began questioning the kids to ask why and I learned it was because they were ether shy about dancing or couldn't keep up with the new craze. Even though I would cover some of them during our rhythms unit, it wasn't enough, so I started a moving and grooving time. The kids practiced as a warm up on various days in PE and Music classes. Also, on certain days, the music teacher would come in early and those that wanted to could come and dance. Since it was on different days, there were always different people, which helped ease the shy anxiety. It was a safe place and time where the students could learn and practice the moves and if they went to the dance and used them they would receive an Scottie paw! The last dance had an almost 40% increase and I woulds say at least 90% of all the kids attending were dancing!! A LOT!!!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Children truly like dancing. The teachers are often telling me how much the students like dancing to all kinds of music. They are getting a great work-out, learning fun dance moves and rhythms as well fostering the socialization aspect of their childhood.