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Secret Snack Patrol

Jill Majewski,   New Haven Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods

In February of 2016, our school promoted healthy snacking in school by creatively rewarding the students who brought healthy goodies to eat at school. Most people may not be aware that February is also known as National Snack Month. All the teachers in the school provided a few different dates and times where their classes would be eating their daily snacks. Our Student Leadership team was then deemed the "Secret Snack Patrol (SSP)" and was assigned to visit these classrooms on those days and times. The students in the classes did NOT know when the patrol would be visiting, so they were encouraged to have healthy snacks every day. If the SSP caught kids eating healthy snacks, then they passed out green reward tickets. At the end of the month, the winners were chosen in a raffle and were awarded cool FUTP 60 prizes.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Kids are now proud of their healthy snacks, and will tell me what good choices they have made. They are also helping others make better choices by encouraging each other to eat healthier when they find one of their friends has a junk food as a snack.