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Sharing Cooler

jennifer johnson,   Lake Park Elementary School
Food: Waste Less and Enjoy — It's Good for All of Us!
Access to Healthy Foods
Sharing Cooler
We have seen a lot of waste at our school during lunch. Students were taking milk and food and throwing it away if they did not eat it. We are a small school and we were seeing a minimum of 30-40 milk cartons a day being thrown into the trash. This is a lot of wasted milk. So in response, we created the “Sharing Cooler”. At the end of lunch, or when a student is finished with what they are going to eat, they are allowed to take the milk or food they do not eat to the sharing cooler or if they wnat more, they are allowed to go and take something from the sharing cooler. If there is any left at the end of the day, the after-school program allows their students to get milk for a snack. This has really been a great way to give kids milk or fruit who didn’t get any and for those who won’t get it at home, a little extra. Milk and fruit consumption is at its highest level in years!!!! 

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The amount of milk consumed daily (and not wasted) is at an all-time high!!

How did you accomplish your goals?

We enlisted the help of all of our cafeteria monitors and our afterschool counselors to allow students to both deposit and take from the sharing cooler. The adults also help to watch out when students are discarding their trash, to make sure no unopened milk is thrown away.